What we do:
Software & Workflow

Conversion between font formats

We’ll help you convert your fonts into the appropriate format. We can convert old, often non-functional fonts into the OpenType format, or into native formats for the Glyphs and FontLab applications or into the universal UFO format.

Creating fonts from paper drawings

We know how to create fonts from your designs, according to historical drawings or even from comics bubbles.

Importing curves from Illustrator

We have experience with making functional typefaces on the basis of vector letters prepared in applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Procreate, etc.

A sample of a default file from the designer of the Dagens Nyheter newspaper, from which we created a functional font.

We use Glyphs, FontLab and the UFO format

At present, our primary tool is the Glyphs application, which has been expanded by dozens of freely available and paid scripts and plugins; we also work in FontLab and can hand over data in the UFO format.

Custom scripts

We offer tailor-made scripts for more experienced users of the Glyphs and FontLab editors. Scripts are simple programs that can automatise a number of tasks and dramatically speed up font designing. Our programmers create scripts in Python and have experience with the DrawBot application.

Font testing

We constantly monitor developments in the type creator community worldwide, so you can rest assured that the files we prepare will meet the newest standards in the field. We always inspect the resulting fonts before submitting them so that we can be sure to give you a fully functional product. At the same time, we offer font analysis, which can reveal possible errors and problems.