What we do:
Font mastering for Screen & Print

Cross-platform compatibility (Win & Mac)

We will take care of the error-free export or transfer of your fonts into the multiplatform OpenType or TrueType formats, which reliably work on all modern operating systems.

Fonts for the web and applications

We can generate web fonts from your typefaces in the TrueType, WOFF, WOFF2, EOT and SVG formats, and perform possible subsetting or replacement of basic glyph forms with alternatives. For example, we can substitute miniscules with small capitals, lining figures with old style figures, etc.

Webfonts with icons and symbols

In addition to fonts containing letters, we can prepare and correctly export image fonts or with symbols, which are very popular in web design today.


We can optimise typefaces so that autohinting provides the best possible results. If you are interested, we can arrange high-quality manual hinting for your typefaces.

Sorting glyphs in fonts

We will take care of the logical and consistent sorting of glyphs in your fonts (encoding), which makes it easier for type users to find the characters they need to insert into their text.

An overview of characters in fonts before and after logical arrangement.