What we do:
Type design

Customization of font & glyph designs

We know how to adapt fonts to your art director’s requirements, and can add effects such as patina or shadow. We can modify fonts on the basis of technical and production limits. We can complete a semi-finished font or create an entire typeface on the basis of several glyphs from a logotype.
We can repair the curve drawings in your fonts, remove excess points or add missing ones, unify the stroke width or overshoot size, correct curve direction, and resolve overlapping elements.

A modified version of the Fishmonger typeface (Suitcase Type Foundry) by request of the Rust agency’s art director, imitates patina; the font is used in the promotion of Radegast beer.

A complete alphabet for the Bageterie Boulevard sandwich chain is based on a logotype supplied by the client. Created in cooperation with Suitcase Type Foundry.

Picto fonts and colour fonts

A font doesn’t have to contain only alphanumeric characters. Fonts with icons, symbols, etc. are a very practical solution for both corporate identity and websites. Fonts can contain a wide variety of symbols, icons, arrows, etc.
Colour fonts are becoming ever more popular; they work reliably primarily on the web – the best known example would be the widely popular emoji. Vector colour fonts work perfectly in the Adobe Creative Cloud applications, so we can convert your favourite icon collection into a font. Unfortunately, support for these fonts is still problematic or even non-existent in other programs.

Curve correction and tuning

A frequent request from clients is for the modification of certain glyphs for increased readability or for consistency with the corporate identity, such as changing the shape of the dot in the “i” or changing the shape of punctuation.

We modified the Futura typeface for the radio station Wave Českého rozhlasu.

Interpolation and extrapolation of new weights

We can prepare typefaces for flawless interpolation of individual masters, which is a key prerequisite for font functionality in the new OpenType Variable Fonts format. Thanks to interpolation and extrapolation technology we can add extra weights to a typeface relatively easily. It’s no problem to add a missing italic or very thin or bold weight.

We collaborated with Czech television on the development of the TV Sans font. We expanded this corporate family to include additional weights on the basis of supplied fonts.

Repair of old files

We can help you “reconstruct” old typeface files so that they will work in the newest applications. We can handle most fonts from the 1990s in the PS Type 1 or TrueType formats.