Unser Angebot:
Kerning & Metrik

Font alignment analysis

We approach spacing and kerning very carefully. In the case of modifying existing typefaces, we first analyse existing spacing and kerning pairs, and only then do we proceed to solve the problems found.

Kerning of too-large spaces between letters.

Addition and repair kerning pairs

In addition to tuning the spacing, we can convert individual kerning pairs into class kerning, add missing pairs, and even remove erroneous pairs.

Kerning of special characters and ligatures

The kerning of accented characters (including a wide variety of exceptions) is a matter of course, as are numerals, punctuation and basic symbols, ligatures, small capitals and alternative forms of characters.

An example of kerning modification for two variations of the letter “U”.

Setting vertical metrics & UPM

When modifying and creating fonts, we take special care to correctly set the vertical metrics and UPM values so that fonts correctly display in a variety of applications on various platforms, and so that, for example, MS Word doesn’t cut part of the character, or that individual weights in the family would “jump” on the screen.

Supported scripts

By default, we prepare spacing and kerning for Latin character sets (including Vietnamese, phonetic characters, pan-African character sets, etc.), Cyrillic and Greek.