What we do:
Adding diacritics

We have 20 years of experience with font localisation, and continually consult on diacritics with dozens of experts from a wide variety of European countries, while we ourselves take part in informing the community of type designers on correct diacritics through internet discussions, lectures, etc.

Basic glyph set required for all European Languages in Glyphs window.

Localisation of Latin character sets including Vietnamese

We offer expansion of Latin typefaces to include all characters used in Europe, from Portugal to Romania, from Iceland to Malta, even if the most frequently requested service is the addition of characters for the languages of Eastern Europe, namely Czech, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, the Baltic languages, the Balkan languages and Turkish. We also have experience with creating fonts containing the characters of the Vietnamese alphabet.

All characters of the Vietnamese alphabet.

Adding Cyrillic

In addition to the Latin character set, we also provide the addition of Cyrillic to typefaces. In addition to the basic expansion which contains Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Macedonian and Bulgarian, we can also create characters for the Ural, Iranian, Caucasian, Turkic and Mongolian languages. By default, we create alternative forms of several characters for Serbian and Macedonian Cyrillic, but we are also able to create for the Bulgarian form of Cyrillic. Upon agreement, we can also create Russian characters for pre-reform orthography.

An example of localisation into Cyrillic.

Adding missing glyphs

We can add any additional missing glyphs to a font, such as accented characters, punctuation, currency unit symbols, phonetic characters for the transcription of foreign language pronunciation, mathematical symbols, ornaments, arrows or bullets.

Adding logotypes & symbols

Adding logotypes to fonts is very popular among companies and institutions. It enables the quick insertion of logotypes into documents, and not only in office programs.

An example of a simple way to insert a logo into text using a font.


We also offer consultation regarding diacritics that have already been drawn. We can advise you on which accents require modification, and we can provide you with references, such as examples of the use of specific characters or different conceptions of accents for different types of fonts. We’re happy to adjust diacritics even directly in your fonts, and we can explain why and how we modified individual accents.